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About Us

In 1938, D. Pedro Lopez Garcia began his professional career dedicated to the repair of freight cars . This work, craft, would be the precursor of a modern and big industry that today is known as Hijos de Pedro López García S.L.

In 1982 starts the journey of Hijos de Pedro López García S.L., originally dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural implements supplying Thus, the large area of ​​Levante, on the agricultural condition , both demanded. This activity was resulting in the construction of trailers, both for agriculture and for private use , and this is currently the main activity .

Today, Hijos de Pedro López García S.L. has more than 6000 m2 which, together with its highly skilled workforce and the desire to continually overcome this industry, offering over 60 quality models.

At the same time aware of the special needs of some clients, Hijos de Pedro López department has a staff ready to provide customized solution to any problem loading complex it may be.

At the beginning of the new century, Hijos de Pedro López García S.L prepares to take on the challenge of competitiveness relying on innovation, R & D development, quality and professionalism. Waiting for more and better able to serve its customers.